Thursday, October 23, 2014

I'm Confused

Some people just need to buy different underwear. It seems that they're always getting their panties in a twist about something. But some of their demands confuse me. Let's start with the obvious. The Washington Redskins. Now when team owners name a new team, it is pretty much never named in order to denigrate or insult some person or group. It is always intended to be done to honor the person, group, critter, or whatever. So some tight minded dork got his panties in a twist and the press, in the full blown silliness that only the press can provide, jumped right on that trolley car. 

So does this mean that the Atlanta Braves are next? Will the Cleveland Browns change their name to the Cleveland Neutral Colors? If PETA gets on their high wooden replica of a horse, will the Carolina Panthers have to change their name to some species that is not endangered? 

Will Squaw Valley have to be renamed Indigenous Married Woman Valley? Should Death Valley be changed to something less threatening? I know this is getting a little silly. But the whole thing is silly. There are so many serious problems in our country, never mind the world, that we would all be better served by keeping our eye on the serious targets. That goes double for the press. 

Those in our political community, when they are not outright lying to us are mangling the truth to death with their spin. As serious as ebola might turn out to be, the Presidents newly appointed ebola czar is nothing more than a glorified spin doctor. He is so far down the food chain that he reports to Susan Rice instead of Barack Obama.

Obama's coalition against ISIS is another well spun figment of the Presidential imagination. If anyone is willing to take his phone calls, a list that diminishes by the day, he counts them in. A simple good luck with that Barack, and they become part of the coalition. 

After six years, the economy and jobs are the two problems that are mainly effecting American families. But through all this we are surrounded by silliness and spin. And I'm confused why.

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