Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2016 The Movie

The opening scene of "2016 The Movie" is at sunrise. A bare mountain ridge, brightly lit by the early morning sun rising over the high plains. A single oboe plays a dirge in the background. But, suddenly, there is movement. Something or someone is making their way slowly to the top  of the ridge.

As the sun gets a little higher in the sky we see a magnificent dark horse standing in profile atop the ridge. It's head is held high and proud. The oboe changes to an English horn turning the theme to hope and power. Fade to black.

The scene shifts across the desert to the town called "The Free World". As the lights come up we are looking at the stage of the Free World Opry House. It is the year 2016 and it is coming up on time to elect a new Leader of The Free World.  As the scene opens, three elderly people, two men and a woman, are shuffling toward the steps leading up to the opry house stage.

The current Leader of The Free World graciously comes forward to help these older folks up to the stage. As a gentleman would, he leads the lady first. Oops, she stumbled. It almost looked like the leader tripped her. But that couldn't be. After all he gave her a very powerful position in his government. 

Next he helps the man with the big bright smile. He gives him the most comfortable chair, right in the spotlight. Then the leader turns away, apparently forgetting about the scowling old buck with the unruly white hair. He spryly gets himself on the stage and sits on the last available chair placed almost in the wings.

Cut to a shot of the audience. They are looking at the candidates and discussing them in muted tones. One says, "kind of old aren't they?" Close shot on heads are nodding in agreement. "Not too diverse are they?" More nods. "Why she's a grandma." "Yep." "I hear she likes to tell tales out of school, and tall tales at that." "And her husband likes to hang around with those hussies at the dance hall". We hear mumbling in agreement.

"That old guy with the big smile, didn't he get nailed for plagiarism a while back?" "He's the very one." "And doesn't he say some weird and inappropriate things from time to time?" "That's your man." "Doggies!" "Who's that other guy?" Oh, he's the guy that wants to tax all us ranchers and storekeepers and give the money to those folks that live under the bridge." "Why?" "Dunno." " This is not looking good." "Is this the best we can do for candidates?" Someone says, "We need a dark horse, like eight years ago." "None of these people should be the leader of The Free World."

Suddenly the sound of hoof beats pounding across the desert echo off the canyon walls. They come through town and stop in front of the opry house. A great dark horse gives a mighty whinny, rears up, and prances on it's back feet. Fade to black as full horns play triumphantly. 

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