Monday, August 17, 2015

Random Thoughts - Sixty-Seven

It strikes me that these people calling the examination of Hillary Clinton's emails a political witch hunt, would sell their country's security down the river to cover up for one of their own. There seems to be no honor left in politics at all.

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama playing golf together. Since it didn't end up in a brawl, I can only wonder what devious plans were being discussed. Be sure, this little get together had a purpose.

Can you remember the good old days when a Presidents term in office would generate only one or two scandals? We really need to get America back to that.

 The CDC loses the diseases they are charged to control. The EPA poisons a critical river system. The IRS and the Justice Department steal the money of innocent Americans. This really defines "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you".

I don't know if Trump is just a blustery big mouth or if he would be a good President. But I do know that any reasonably intelligent person can be a good President if they surround themselves with great minds. Reagan did this. The Bushes didn't. Obama, most certainly hasn't. 

Clay Mathews of the Green Bay Packers sin was far more egregious than any thing that Tom Brady might have done. And Mathews is paying the price. But the national press has been all over Brady for months while Mathews hardly gets a mention.

Among liberals, the "Right Wing Conspiracy" card is almost as popular as the "Race" card.

Is the administration ever going to admit that our greatest threat is Islamic Jihad in general and ISIS in particular? Seven years and counting. The American people still wait.

One of our problems is that we don't have a crazy country to shake things up for those that would take us down. China has North Korea to do their dirty work. Russia has Iran. We need a real wack job to rattle their cages like they do to us.

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