Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Good Man Done Wrong

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Support Don Orsillo

This blog will be of small interest to those who are not Red Sox fans, or at least, baseball fans. My family, and we are many, are all Red Sox fans. I have been one since Ted Williams came back after WWII. We all agree that the best thing about Sox games is the interplay between Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy. If Jerry is not available and Dennis Eckersly stands in, the chemistry is equally good. The common factor is Don Orsillo. Even if the game is bad, and oh so many are, those guys keep it fun.

So viewership is down. The geniuses in the Red Sox Department of Stupid, which is located on Fantasy Island, decide it is Don's fault. They decide that if they dump Don, the ratings will pop right back up. Here is a clue for the Department of Stupid. The ratings are down because the team stinks. Besides that, it is not what was done to Don. It is the totally classless way that it was handled. The fans expect better.

If the pitchers pitch well, the hitters go cold. If the hitters score some runs, the closers, if they can be called that, give it up. They stink. Sure they have good years. Some good years. And oh so many bad years. But don't blame Don.

So I'm calling for a boycott. I will not watch another Sox game this year. Support Don and show them what fan power will do. I ask every fan out there to share this on Google or Facebook. Let's get it out on the internet and see if we can help.


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