Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How Can This Be?

We are inundated, on a weekly basis, with new Presidential race polls. The results vary slightly, but it usually shows Hillary Clinton beating the Republican candidates. Some people seem to find this astonishing. "How can a sixty-seven year old harridan, who is not trusted, who's politics are mired in the 1980s, be leading these bright young lights of the Republican party?" they ask.

OK, so a couple are not so bright, and another couple are not so young. But the answer is pretty simple. The Republican votes are spread over seventeen candidates. The Democrat votes are mostly aimed at two.

But time will march on and some of the Republicans will fall by the wayside. I hope the attrition will start soon. Then, if the voters have half a brain, they will migrate their votes to another Republican candidate. Those that plan to take their vote and stay home with it should be ashamed. Doing that will be a vote for the further destruction of our Republic.

We need a conservative. We need one that loves and respects our Constitution. We need one who is not afraid to surround himself or herself with very smart people who may differ in opinion. We need a President who is not so caught up in his own ego that he cannot go to the negotiation table and bring both sides into a consensus.

We need a President that will bring government back to lawfulness. One who will encourage independence in the Department of Justice.  There is just so much that is wrong, it will be a major effort to turn the Ship of State about. But it must be done.

We need the antithesis of Barack Obama. Neither Hillary nor Bernie are that person.

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