Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Those Whom The Gods Would Destroy

Longfellow wrote, "Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad." I have no doubt that the gods have targeted Hillary Clinton. There are many definitions of madness. They range all the way from anger to psychopathy. And many, not, of course, all of these have touched Ms. Clinton in her long lifetime.

In 1978 Ms. Clinton invested $1000.00 in cattle futures. A small investment but doable for a woman three years out of college with a law degree. But remarkably enough, in a short ten months, her small investment had turned into one hundred thousand dollars. Anyone who has ever done their own investing knows that the odds of this happening are in the range of one in ten gazillion. That would certainly give one the delusion, a form of madness, that they are an investing genius.

Hillary married Bill in 1975. Shortly after that he became the Attorney General of Arkansas and she was invited to be the first female partner of the Rose law firm. This certainly must enhanced her self image. It had to be her legal talent, not the fact that she had hooked up with an ascending star. Confusion, confusion, confusion.

Then there came the Whitewater Development Corporation. A questionable investment scheme where their partners, the McDougals bore the brunt of the legal problems and Ms. McDougal served 18 months in jail. The Clintons skated but carried that cloud for many years.

This was probably the start of the anger. I believe that in her soul, Hillary is a very angry women. This brought on paranoia, cover-ups and lies.  White water papers, long lost, were suddenly found in the White House. A four year effort to take over health care abandoned when the details came out. Then the Scandals. They had always been there, but then they became public.

She was supposed to win the Presidency in 2008. But out of the woodwork came Barack Obama. Her party turned on her in favor of this young upstart. She was out and he was in. That would anger anyone.

She gave up her job as Senator to become Secretary of State. After messing up the "reset" with Russia she was kept busy doing minor tasks in minor countries. Then came Benghazi and that critical televised moment when she shrieked, "what difference, at this time, does it make?" It made a lot of difference because good men died.

But now she will get her chance. Of this she has been convinced. 2016 will be her year. But suddenly, two things are converging to prevent this. She feels privileged and she has a past. As Secretary of State, she thought she could make her own rules. When it comes to national security one must go by the book. It is shear madness to do anything else.

So the gods in one final joke send Bernie Sanders, a seventy-three year old, somewhat unkempt, socialist to run against her. And he is succeeding. And the FBI is examining Hillary's email procedures. That is not looking good. Will Mr. Sanders be the candidate. I doubt it. But I also believe that the Gods, not of Olympus but of the Democrat party, do not want Hillary either. I suggest that those same gods have another dark horse candidate on standby waiting for the final destruction.

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