Monday, August 24, 2015

I Have Been Negligent

I have been negligent in my writing lately. I apologize.  There has been a bunch of personal stuff. Like getting two grandsons off to college, arguing about some ukulele string that got lost along the way, restringing my tenor uke, and just being midsummer lazy.

I have, however, kept in touch with the news. And wasn't that a glorious waste of time. While the geniuses who dish out the pablum that they call news were fixed on Trump, Hillary, Joe, and "Black Lives Matter", there has been a face off on the Korean peninsula. North and South have lobbed artillery shells at each other. The North Korean submarine fleet has put to sea. It seems that Kim the Crazy is spoiling for a fight.

Meanwhile the Chinese economy is crashing and burning, taking large chunks of the world economy with it. As I write this, the national press seems to have discovered that the world and the American financial picture is not as rosy as the administration has painted it. Ultimately this will show people that, despite our imperfections, the American economy is the most solid investment on the planet. The power of capitalism cannot be beaten.

I see where the elderly Joe Biden has been talking to the native American princess, Elizabeth Warren, about running against the elderly Mrs. Clinton and the elderly Mr. Sanders for President. If one of them should win (scary thought) we could have an east wing, a west wing, and a geriatric ward in the White House. Could that happen? Depends!

ISIS seems to be long forgotten in the media. As they get stronger our Commander-in-Chief is working very hard on his short irons and sending off an occasional drone. God forbid we should actually try to win in a military action. That might seem scary to some weak sphinctered liberal. 

Do I sound cynical? Well, I am. We have an avaricious and incompetent government. The Fifth Estate should be taking them to task daily. But the press provides cover for the politicians. So I guess I have good reason for my cynicism. 

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