Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Wake Up Call

I used to be an active member of the Republican party. I even ran for office twice as a Republican. As far back as I can remember, there have always been two Republican parties. There were the conservatives. They were, and still are, a majority in the party. For the most part, they are average folks who live in flyover country and who's only power is their vote.

Then there are the "middle of the road" Republicans. Those who we used to call "Rockefeller Republicans" and now call RINOs. They had the money. And with that money came the power. They are beltway Republicans, having gravitated to Washington and the surrounding environs. 

They see the success of Democrats. They consider Democrats to be a sleazy bunch of mudslingers and know that they are above that. So they feel the route to political success is to be democrat-lite. You know, clean hands and a pure heart. The problem is that they have never been able to elect a President who is one of them who isn't named Bush. So here they are, taking another walk to that well.

Then along came a Trump. Big, loud, brash, and unafraid to say things that people are thinking but saying only out among the masses. Love him or hate him, he is the best thing in the world for the Republican party and may yet be able to breath life into that decaying corpse.

If the Republican party is to survive they need a rebirth. The RINOs who gave the country a long run of drab, status quo, old, survivors with little or no vision must change. The old guard has failed. Give birth to the new. Consider what we are seeing as Donald Trump bringing on labor pains.

The press has finally found something to write about on Republican politics. People will watch the debates. They will be looking for the he or she who dares. Mark Levin claims we have lost the republic and we no longer even have a democracy. He is right. And unless we do something in this election, we may never get it back. 

Republican leadership has sold the party and the country down the river. They have had far too many bites at the apple and have failed.


  1. I completely agree. Have you seen this article?


    So can we all just drop the BS about who the Dems would prefer to run against?

    1. In keeping with my claim that I look at a broad spectrum of news, I check out the Beast every day. Some of what they consider news is very strange, but I go there anyway.