Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Kindle, My Friend

I am a Reader with a capital R. I learned to read before I started school and have never stopped. I have often thought that if I had invested the money that I spent on books, I would be rich. But, as a kid, I enjoyed the world in books better than the world of reality.

I have no idea how many books I have read, but I still read two or three a week. The world has changed, my life has changed, so I do it differently now.

A few year back, I was given a Kindle e-reader for my birthday. It was love at first sight. Amazon had a site where there was a huge selection of books ranging from free to $3.99.
Most of the great classics were free. So I reread Moby Dick, The Three Musketeers, Tale of Two Cities and many more. 

There were new novelists, self published, who's books I could own for a buck or two. Many were good. A few were not so good. OK, terrible. Most could have used the services of a competent editor. I enjoyed the experience.

Then things changed again. I discovered a website named Bookbub. Seldom a book over $2.99. Most were ninety-nine cents or free. I was in love again. Some are reprints from well known authors from years ago. Some are names yet to be discovered. I mostly take the free books. These are written by folks that want to hit the big leagues so they put their hearts into every word.

Most of these books are readable and entertaining. The caveat about an editor applies even more at this level. Some are quickly discardable. Some are gems. When you discover a true pearl amidst the gravel it is a small wonder and that is a great experience.

I'm not trying to sell Kindles or to promote Bookbub. I'm just relating my experience as a reader, should anyone be looking for some inexpensive fun.

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