Monday, August 10, 2015

Trumpeting Trump

The most successful person trumpeting Trump, is Trump himself. To his credit, Trump is very smart, very successful, and a showman in the image of Phineas T. Barnum. He projects a larger than life and a louder than life image. He is not one who is easily ignored.

To his detriment, he has a huge ego, a conviction that he is always right, and, in spite of the fact that he bills himself as a tough guy, a very thin skin. We have just spent the past seven years under the thumb of a man with these selfsame characteristics. Can we afford any more?

What America has to decide, is will the whole of the Trump persona make a good and effective President. On the positive side, he seems to truly love and believe in America. He extols American exceptionalism. The is clearly a step up. But Trump always seems to be angry. He constantly has a look on his face reminiscent of Jeff Dunham's little friend Walter.

Mr. Trump got all in a dither when he felt that Megyn Kelly was too hard on him in the debate. Please, she is a reporter. And a tough one at that. Manly men don't pull out their cell phones and start a twitter war. Don't go negative on "The Donald" or lightening bolts may start falling from twitter-world.

Mr. Trump claims a solution to all of America's problems. He is very big on solutions but not so big on plans to execute those solutions. He claims that he will straighten out Mexico, ISIS, China, Russia, and the National Debt. And on the seventh day he will rest.

I do not dislike Mr. Trump. He is just another who was born on third base and thinks he hit a home run. But I do not think he has the temperament to be a good President. Our President cannot be perpetually angry and react in that anger. A good President cannot demand but must negotiate. A good President needs a good poker face and affability, not a scowl and a loud response. 

Mr. Trump is saying a lot of politically incorrect things that most Americans are thinking. This makes him attractive to many. But he is simply not Presidential. He is a businessman but he is not business like. He is just too much the showman.

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  1. I like Donald Trump because he is NOT a Politician. I would like to see a team of Donald Trump and Ben Carson in the white house.Just saying. I'm not one who is good on the border thing, so I disagree with him totally. I am for God and country. I like Mike Huckabee as well and Bobby Jindal. I just truly respect Mr. Trump because he is not a Politician.