Friday, February 20, 2015

Random Thoughts - Fifty-Five

Note to President Obama: Young Muslim men do not join jihad and martyr themselves because they don't have a job. They do it to please Allah and get early entry into Paradise.

If Hillary should win the Presidency, she would be the first woman President. But more important, she would be the second bad President in a row. We cannot afford two in a row.

In spite of our President trying to stop jihadist with words, (He is trying to bore them to death.) it will require bullets and bombs to get the job done.

This Winter ranks in the top three worst I can remember. I was much younger for the other two, so I hate this one the most. I just looked out the window and it is snowing again. This is turning into some weird science fiction movie.

So, Jeb is the smart brother?  Where does he go first? To old family friends, political advisers, and failed spin doctors. The same people that cost his father a second term. That brought insults and castigation down on his brother. The same ones that will lead him down the garden path of nineties politics. Wrong name. Wrong time.

I'm not seeing Carly Fiorina as President, but if a Republican wins, I hope they will offer her a serious position. That woman is too smart not to be part of an administration trying to bring us back from the edge of the abyss.

I heard that our government has just announced that this is the third warmest Winter on record. Where?

I love seeing the Democrats getting the "screemin meemies" because Netanyahu is coming to visit. Last I checked, he is a great and good ally. He should be greeted as such.

I want a job with the Department of Energy. Party Time!!!!!!!

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