Friday, February 13, 2015

Three Years

I started blogging almost three years ago. I did this because I was unhappy with the way the country was going under the leadership of Democrats. More specifically, liberal Democrats. Even more specifically, under the leadership of Barack Obama. The promise to "fundamentally change the country" was going exactly the way I feared it would. Badly. 

The good thing about the early days was that I could write about politics or economics or history. My topics were all over the ball park. But as time went on, I was more and more forced to comment on the actions and scandals of the administration. It was like having tunnel vision.

First they threw the baby out with the bath water on Obamacare. They messed up medical care for the ninety percent to cover the ten percent. Many of whom didn't want medical care. Now medical care is a pigs nest and we still have ten percent without coverage.

Then came "Fast and Furious". The administration allowed guns to be smuggled to the Mexican drug cartels. They were supposed to be tracked but they forgot to do that. So the guns came back across the border in the hands of killers.

Then there was Benghazi. Four good American patriots died in a logistical and security debacle. My guess is that the root cause of this mess was also about gun smuggling by our political leaders. But it was covered up. We were lied to. Repeatedly. 

Then there was the IRS attacks on conservative groups. They denied the obvious. They lied to Congress and hid documentation. Then John Koskinen, the IRS Commissioner, testified in a blatantly arrogant and smug manner. They are still obfuscating. 

Then there is the evil treatment that our hero veterans are receiving at the hands of the VA. Months go by. Promises are made. But we see no signs of progress.

Then there is mess that is our foreign policy. The secret of our foreign policy is that there is no policy. It is like watching an unskilled boxer in the ring. He tries to counter punch because he hasn't the skill to control the fight. But he is always too late and his punches lack power. As the fight goes on he tires and gets confused. He may not go down, but he is out on his feet.

It is hard for me not to focus on these and many other subjects like them. But it is not fun. It becomes a chore. I force myself, from time to time, to find new territory. It brings me joy to do that when I can. In the meantime, I guess it will be business as usual.

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