Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Modest Suggestion

Americans have to get back to loving America. I know millions of you out there in flyover country do. You get up in the morning and go to work. You raise your families as best you are able. You eat meals together and go to church together. You love baseball and football. You take your sons and daughters fishing and enjoy family vacations. You are, what my wife calls, real Americans.

Real Americans don't need my suggestion. They are already there. So I am addressing this to two groups. The first is the elitist politicians that treat this country like their own personal version of "SimWorld". A place for social and political experimentation where the results don't matter. If an idea doesn't work the first time, double down. Try again. If it doesn't work the second time, it makes no difference to them. They protect themselves. They are unaffected. The "little people" take the brunt. Move on.

These "leaders of men" go abroad and apologize to those that would destroy our way of life and apologize for that very way of life that has given them the power to do damage without repercussions. They plot their Machiavellian ploys using our wealth and our people, particularly the military, like chess pieces to be sacrificed. They particularly, should heed my suggestion.

The second group is the intellectual elite and those that think they are the intellectual elite. Those folks that mostly hang about colleges and universities. There is also a large group that has settled into newsrooms. They like to look down their noses at real Americans. Now, mind you, most of these people couldn't fix a car, or build anything. Their life is in their mind and it all comes out their mouths. 

These are the people that talk down America. We have flaws and they are willing to magnify every one to prove just how low and degenerate this country is. They absolutely need my suggestion.

Well here it is. Get one of those nice little pamphlets that people like the Heritage Foundation give away. It is titled "The Declaration of Independence" "The Constitution of the United States". Read it. Cover to cover. Think about it and contemplate what it has given you. Think about where else in the world you would be blessed with that kind of freedom and that kind of protection. The put your big boy or big girl pants on and start acting like an adult rather than a spoiled ten year old.

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