Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I do not usually criticize television programming. It isn't worth the effort going after the lowest common denominator. But the channel that labels itself, "the History Channel", has finally gotten to me.

Apparently real history isn't interesting enough or there is not enough of it to fill those programming hours. So they are now, in my mind, the CryptoHistory Channel. I picked up that expanded name from them. You see, in their long and constant search for "Bigfoot", they frequently interview the most respected crypto-biologists. What is a crypto-biologist, one may ask? A crypto-biologist is a pseudo-scientist that studies species that do not exist.

To translate, they are people who pretend to be scientists, pretending to study, critters that exist only in their imagination. Whee!!!! Then they go out in the dark of night, with cameramen and audio techs and producers, wearing night vision equipment, stomping through the woods, pretending they are sneaking up on their pretend monsters. They periodically stop, with a startled look, and say, "did you hear that? That's Bigfoot." Of course they never find the unfindable, even though they have followed leads in almost every state.

They also love to produce shows about strange people living in strange places doing strange things. Whether it is gator hunting on the bayous or moon shining in the back woods of Apalachia, they're on top of it.

Their people have virtually worn out the roads and pathways around Roswell, New Mexico and Area 51. But they will pursue those alien packed ufos until the end of time or when they can no longer  sell commercial time. Whichever comes first.

We have a population that is losing contact with the history of their great country, never mind the history of civilization in general. From the biographies of great and productive people to the rise and fall of civilizations through time, there are millions of good solid interesting stories that would be far better than the fertilizer we have been getting. If you are going to call yourself the History Channel, do history. 

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