Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Free Haircuts, Get 'em Here

The Pope has offered free haircuts to the poor to increase their dignity. I am loathe to take on the Pope with the following that he has. But really? A haircut. With all of the wealth of of the Roman Catholic Church, is that the best you can do?

How about a safe place to sleep. A shower. Some clean clothes. A nourishing meal. Shoes. Clean socks. I know this Pope was "of the people". He still lives in a palace with clothes adorned in gold thread. His custom made scarlet slippers would support a poor family for six months.

The lack of humility shown by some of the religious is a thing to behold. I remember a time in my life, that due to circumstances, I had to deal with parish priests. Humble and humility were not words in their vocabulary. The phrase popular today would be. "their way or the highway". We chose the highway.

To Roman Catholics, the Pope is the vicar of Christ. In that role he speaks for our savior. Somehow I have difficulty picturing Jesus in a white alb with scarlet slippers in the back of the Popemobile. 

Jesus would feed the hungry. He would clothe the poor. He would walk among us laying on hands and giving consolation.

I admit that I may be going over the top a little bit. But I found the offering of haircuts, so off beat that I had to make my thoughts heard. 

I am a wee small voice in the wilderness. I seldom speak on things religious. Most of my efforts are fighting against the politicians and their harmful policies. Politicians are a worthy and needful target.   

Most times, among religions, I see it as "live and let live". But, haircuts, in today's world!

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