Friday, February 27, 2015

Theoretical Power

In America, under the Constitution, there are supposed to be three co-equal branches of government. That has been true in the past. Today it is no longer true. 

Through President Obama's first four years the Democrats held complete power. They froze the Republicans out altogether. On each and every point they acceded to their leader's wishes. During the next two years, the Democrats still held the balance of power. They controlled the Senate. That was enough.

Harry Reid stifled any attempt by the Republicans to share in governance. Passive Republican leadership and a cooperative press allowed this to happen. President Obama started usurping congressional power. Republicans could not stop him and the Democrats were content to allow what has become a soft coup d'etat. 

Today, we no longer have the government that our founders gave us. The three part balance of power only exists when all parties agree. When the President no longer agrees, it is all over. The Congress and the courts only have theoretical power. The President alone has real power at his disposal. 

The President has control of the Department of Justice, the military, and homeland security. A lot of people with guns, armored vehicles, prisons, and the power to arrest. His power is not theoretical. It is only far too real.

So, when the President ignores the courts, or the Congress, or even the Constitution, what are we going to do about it. Nothing, because there is a new election coming in 2016. We'll straighten things out then, right?

But what if the President wants to stick around a bit longer? Think about that. I have.

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