Thursday, February 19, 2015


Everyone has heard of of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb or al Qaeda in Yeman. Al Qaeda in Iraq is now ISIS. The al Qaeda franchise is growing. 

Our President says that al Qaeda has been crippled with the death of Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden's little group was the original core of al Qaeda. They have been diminished. But the franchise has grown beyond anything bin Laden dreamed of. Multiple leaders in multiple groups have recruited from all over the world.

While bin Laden kept things close and tight, the new generation of AQ entrepreneurs have expanded the organization in every phase.

But there is one AQ group that is not discussed. That is AQNA. Al Qaeda in North America. If you think that it doesn't exist, there is a job for you in the Obama administration. First of all, it has been reported that, at least, twenty-two jihadist training camps exist in the United States. The FBI is aware of them but say they have broken no laws. 

There seems to be amazingly little information on what portion of the population of the United States is Muslim. The best estimates I could find place it between five and eight million. So if ten percent believe in violent jihad, we have a pool of over half a million possible recruits. 

Another pool of recruits, scaringly enough, come out of the prisons. There is a very active effort in the prisons to convert inmates to Islam. So we have a pool of people who are already schooled in violence, who resent being imprisoned, that are brought into a religion that, in it's most fundamental teachings, supports that violence.

Now, does anyone believe, with all that going on, that there is no AQNA. And, if I am correct, does anyone believe that they would have no contact with ISIS. I feel that it is safe to make some inferences based on past performance and advertised goals. That is what I have done.

Put this together with the push for shariah law in some communities and exclusionary behavior in some neighborhoods, I hear alarm bells ringing in my ears. I may be wrong of course. But I wouldn't bet against me.

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