Friday, February 6, 2015

Random Thoughts - Fifty-Four

First of all, Congratulations to my New England Patriots. It was an amazing season and an even more amazing win in the SuperBowl. Some times it just all comes together.

Katy Perry hasn't got a great voice. She is not a great dancer. She is, however, a great entertainer. You don't always have to have a great voice. I give you Louie Armstrong and Joe Cocker. Not so good voices but could sell the show.

Whoever came up with that "dead kid" commercial, should be drummed out of the corps.

The Middle East just gets more insane as our "Joe Cool" President proves that even atrocities in the name of Allah won't provoke him in to saying Islam. Or even getting too excited. Just the same old "degraded and destroyed" line, as he does the mere minimum about it. 

Note to countries such as Russia and China, who befriend Islamic states. They will turn on you too. You are also infidel and not to be tolerated. Then they would fight Sunni against Shia until only one Islamic sect was left. Then civilization would waste away entirely as they would not produce the means to survive. Man came out of the caves and built a world. Islam would drag us back into the cave with ruins behind them.

If you think Loretta Lynch, Obama's nominee for Attorney General, would be any different from Eric Holder, you are sadly mistaken. The President tolerates no one who does not support his agenda.

The two most devastating aircraft to ground troops are the AC-130 and the A-10. Why do we not fill the area with spotters on the ground and wave after wave of shot and shell. A-10s by day. AC-130s by night. Turn ISIS' days into hell. 

I hates me some ground hogs. I was really tired of Winter six weeks ago. And now some fool rodent tells me I'm getting six more weeks? I'm ready for Spring, baseball, green stuff on the trees........

Jordan has a King who acts like a President. We have a President who acts like a King.

Brave men like Chris Kyle go to war so idiots like Michael Moore can say stupid things and strut like they are important.

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