Thursday, December 18, 2014

Random Thoughts - Fifty

So we now  have another Harvard elitist as Surgeon General. Not that he is experienced enough. Not that he has spent years proving his qualifications. The fact is that he is political enough for an Obama appointment. Which means he is very political. And he is also an anti-gun activist. In Obama World that makes him a perfect choice.

Congratulations to my New England Patriots on winning the division championship. Their game against the Dolphins last Sunday was a hugely entertaining game to watch.

I do believe that the mealy mouthed politicians that would harm this country for their own benefit have stepped in it, up to their hips. Most people are disgusted with that one sided overblown faux report denigrating the CIA. The CIA was doing what they were mandated to do. To protect this country! And now, more than a decade later, a bunch of pitiful liberal wusses try to destroy them in a sickening power play. Real Americans know what it means to protect your homeland and stand behind the CIA.

By the way, did I mention that Vivek Murthy, our new Surgeon General, and Jonathan Gruber, disgraced MIT economist, are buds. Now there is a pair that will beat a full house.

The Christmas Season is supposed to be a time of peace and love. I am not seeing much peace and love out there. Just the opposite in fact. It seems to me that for the past six years we have been sinking deeper into chaos. I am beginning to understand conspiracy theorists.

I can just hear the powers that be in the Republican party now, "Well, you know Jeb has been a loyal party guy. He's waited on the sidelines. Really, it's his turn." Maybe he would make a good President. He seems like a nice guy. And he speaks Spanish. But is America ready for a third chapter in "The Bush Dynasty".  I know that I am not.

Maybe another government shutdown wouldn't have been so bad.

I know that I seem to be using the word chaos a lot lately but here we are after four years and Obamacare is still chaos. Was this planned to force us into single payer? Probably. 

So the once mighty Bill Cosby has fallen from grace. Is it really necessary for every person of the female persuasion that he ever crossed paths with, to come out publicly, with a detailed and, sometimes, off setting stories of his actions toward and with her? We get it, but we are well into too much information. 

An attack of "blue flu" in the NYPD would not shock me. The fine citizens of New York City have elected a chump for a mayor. The cops are the one organization that holds that city together. De Blasio has blown it with them. That could turn around and bite him in the posterior.

I heard that as part of the normalization process, President Obama's new BFF, Raul Castro is going to send him one of those cool jackets with epaulets covered with stars. You know, a supreme leader jacket. Maybe it is for Michelle.

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