Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bus Shortage In DC

There is a shortage of buses in Washington, DC. It has become so acute of late that I am suggesting emergency measures. I would like Peter Pan, Greyhound, and any other bus line to send as many buses as they can spare immediately. If they park them on the mall they will be right where the action is when they are needed.

The pressure on large common carriers started about six years ago. One ill spoken member of the media, shortly after Barack Obama was elected President, said that "He is almost like a God." Mr. Obama quickly took this to heart, since it already fit his self image. 

We all are aware that one characteristic of a god is that they are incapable of error. Another tenet that Mr. Obama quickly adopted. It takes a lot of pressure off when you don't have to take responsibility. 

So as things often do in government, things went wrong. Errors were made. When something like this cropped up to spoil a good day on the golf course, our godlike President would pick someone as low on the totem pole as possible. And definitely not someone named either Jarrett or Holder. Then he would publicly toss them under the nearest bus. Problem solved.

So many things have gone wrong that he has used up about every bus located in Washington. The price of leadership is high. Now we face a tragic dearth of buses at a point in history where they are needed more than ever.

It seems that the entire Democrat party, in celebration of the end of Obama's lock on power, are breaking loose and throwing each other under the bus as fast as they can find buses. It is really a sight to behold. Pelosi is throwing Obama under the bus. Feinstein is throwing the CIA under the bus. By the way, throwing the CIA under the bus is a long standing Democrat tradition. Google, Frank Church. Harry Reid is trying to throw his whole party under the bus for his new BFF John Boehner.

So I hope all good patriotic bus companies will step up and alleviate this shortage. If life is good, this will go on for a while. It is more fun than a kennel full of new puppies.

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