Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Call Me Rev.

As of today, I am an ordained minister. Yes, it surprises me too. I read a story online. A rather upbeat story for a change. A mans dog fell through the ice. He went to rescue the dog and he fell through the ice.He couldn't get out and hypothermia was setting in. Another man jumped into the freezing water to help. Everyone, including the dog, was saved. 

The men became fast friends. When the rescuer was to be married, he asked the rescuee to officiate. Rather than disappoint his friend, he went on line and got ordained. It surprised me that it could be that easy. 

Thinking about all of the agitators and race baiters walking around calling themselves reverend, I had to check it out. So I got up close and personal with my good friend Google to spend some research time. It took about two minutes. 

With another five minutes of less than intense effort, I was ordained. It cost me nothing except less than twenty dollar for my Certificate of Ordination. I admit to being a little bit taken aback.

I was brought up and still am a Christian. I spent many hours of my youth in church and considered the clergy as a career at one point. I love Christianity and I love the Bible. The King James version is my favorite for it's language. Today I consider myself a Christian pilgrim seeking answers that I will never find. But in my church experience, clergy persons went to college and seminary. They studied long hours and had degrees.

So I immediately accepted this instant ordination as a base for charlatanism. But then I started thinking about the little store front churches that pop up in poor neighborhoods. Those that minister to their small flocks in these churches don't have degrees. They have faith and a calling. During the week, they may be a school janitor or ride on the back of a garbage truck. When the door to their church opens on Sunday morning the become the Reverend Mr. Smith or what ever. 

They are doing the Lord's work as much as a minister with a Doctor of Divinity or a Catholic priest. I had an elitist attitude and never realized. This also allows non-mainstream churches, such as Wiccans, to be lawful. When I started thinking about this essay, I was headed in a negative direction. The more that I saw some balance in the scales, the more positive I became.

I started this as a lark to get background for my blog. But I also learned a few things along the way. What I learned is most certainly to my benefit. But you really don't have to call me Rev.

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