Friday, December 12, 2014

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Attorneys from five members of the United Nations appeared at the International Court of Justice in the Hague, Belgium today to petition the United States of America into bankruptcy. Because the national debt of the United States exceeds three times their national  tax income and their latest budget does nothing to decrease spending these five nations are in fear that the United States could default on these loans. The court has agreed to a panel of three conservators to take over control of Americas finances until their difficulties can be resolved. The panel will be made up of one World Court judge, one representative from China, as they are the largest holder of American debt, and a representative from Russia, as an independent overseer.

OK. OK. Calm down. I made up this whole thing. Well, I didn't make up the part about the debt. That is very real. Entirely too real. And I didn't make up the part about the budget  not resolving the problem either. Actually I was talking about the continuing resolution made up of sixteen hundred pages that the leadership gave the House one day to examine. And it is not a budget, it is a spending spree. They write budgets like a pro athlete's new bride on Rodeo Drive. 

They've managed to spend a few billion dollars on such things as protecting the prairie grouse, preventing poaching of rhinoceros in Africa, and various passenger railroad  projects. They can't help themselves. America is in dire financial straits, and our foolish and degenerate spendthrifts in the leadership cannot bring themselves to grow a pair and lead.

Really. Can we have a "none of the above" classification on the ballots. Can we not find some adults with a sense of responsibility to run the show. Things like this are the reason I write this blog. But sometimes it's just so.......  

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