Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Free Tickets To Hell

I have lived in the United States of America for many years now. From before we were involved in World War II until today, it has been a true pleasure to live in the greatest country in the world. 

Best of all, I lived in the heart of the beginnings of American history. As a child, I had visited Bunker Hill, been to Paul Revere's home, traveled to Lexington and Concord, and even Plymouth Colony. Not only that, I learned American history in school. The version that celebrates America. The history that shows the courage and brilliance of the founders.

As a child, I accepted what I was taught, not only in the schools, but by my family. As I grew older, I read. I read a lot. As an adult I accepted an adult truth. My country was not without flaws. Any country governed by men, which is to say, any country, will make mistakes of policy and action from time to time. 

America stands head and shoulders above any other country in admitting and correcting any mistakes that were made. Most people know that President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. What most people never hear is that our Founding Fathers made the importation of slaves illegal in 1808. Think about that. We were a brand new country, just defeating the most powerful nation on Earth, and one of the first thing that our founders did was to ban the importation of slaves.

But today, we have a new breed of people who live and enjoy the benefits of this great country but pick at and magnify every fault, real or conceived, that they can come up with.
Some of these are in the media, some make movies, and, unfortunately, far to many of them inhabit educational institutions at all levels.

I challenge these worldly wise philosophers of the modern world, to explain to us where in the world they could go to live where they would have the freedom to exploit the people they are charged to educate. Where they could malign the society that provides their livelihood. I have read about most of these countries and have visited a few. I will say this. There is no other country that I would rather live in, and the only one that comes even close is Ireland. Maybe Australia or New Zealand. I don't know enough about them to judge.

But, being the generous sort, I have included a free ticket to where I think these misguided folks should go. There will a boat waiting for them on the bank of the River Styx. They just need to present the stub to Charon, their kindly captain, sit back an enjoy the ride. It is all downhill. Which is where they were going anyway.

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