Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Random Thoughts - Forty-Nine

Can a woman expect to win the Presidency of the United States when she has spent her life being thoroughly manipulated by two men? No to Hillary in 2016.

The NFL has changed the rules to protect the players from injury. Commendable. It was needed. But some officials have turned football into referee ball. They have become too quick with the flags on casual contact. Can we go back to that old cliche, "no harm, no foul"?

By contrast, yesterday I watched a college game. I saw helmet to helmet, roughing, and pass interference, that never go called. That was equally wrong.

In my opinion, this sudden drop in fuel prices, proves that they never needed to go up like they did. The only thing that has changed is that we are pulling more oil and gas out of the ground in spite of the President.

Twenty-five hundred tax returns given to the White House by the IRS. That should be investigated and prosecuted! But it wont be. And that is as criminal as the original crime. 

"We'll tear this goddamn country up." That was a recent quote from Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam. Between that and the comments made in the name of the New Black Panthers, I fear more indiscriminate violence coming, in the name of racial retribution. This country has done as much as any country in the world to level the playing field. To some it is never going to be enough.

I see that the IRS is getting those checks out to federal prisoners that filed false tax returns, promptly. Great job guys. Just asking, but wasn't the address a clue that something might be off?

I also see that Barack Obama is keeping up his record setting pace at making speeches, the use of personal pronouns in the first person, and playing golf. Gee, our President is a champion in three categories.

Americans should be allowed to fly the American flag any time without interference. There ought to be a law.

It seems that no one wants the Secretary of Defense job. I am not surprised. Who needs a job carrying out someone else's bad policy. Then getting thrown under the bus by that very same person when his policies fail. Maybe Chris Mathews.................

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