Monday, December 29, 2014

The Year's Big Loser / The Year's Big Winner

This year's big loser is the United States of America. We are the loser because we have suffered under the most incompetent and dictatorial President ever. After six years of feckless, confused, and ego ridden  management, our country has been dragged to a low ebb on both the domestic and international scene.

After boldly stating, multiple times that jobs are going to be his highest priority President Obama has done everything possible to kill jobs. Adding regulation upon regulation, agencies under Presidential control have increased the base cost of doing business to a scale never imagined and without any Presidential inclination to call a halt.

The President recently said that race relations have improved during his reign. Maybe people are being nice to him but I see rioting in the streets and people of color campaigning to "kill cops". I see the worlds most detestable race baiter being a constant guest at the White House. It seems that relations are a might strained to me.

The pandemonium at the VA and the continuous law breaking by the IRS seem to not improve. Congress has to fight to get answers from anyone in the administration. 

We have been shown as weak and indecisive in international activities. We are not trusted by our friends and laughed at by our enemies. Even a tin pot dictator like Kim Jung Un threatens us without fear. Iran plays us like a yoyo. Putin sneers at us as he does whatever he wishes. Because of all this and more, The United States is the big loser.

This year's big winner is the United States of America. Yep, they get both prizes. They get the winner prize because they had the collective good sense to change their government. The Republicans now have the House, the Senate, most of the state governors, and the opportunity of a lifetime. I hope they have the good sense to use this opportunity well. 

I heard one very experienced political reporter opine today that if the Republicans do well and elect a good Presidential candidate it will be a generational loss for the Democrats. I feel that it can be done with some leadership changes. The American people have had it with liberal silliness. We need statesmen and patriots more than ever since WWII.  The hope for the future that the American people have wrought makes the United States the big winner.

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