Friday, December 19, 2014

Superman Is Dead!

 Hollywood is the land of illusion. Nothing is as it seems. Nothing is as reported in the press. Hollywood is a land of self important people who consider their movies an art form and their intellect superior. They are as wrong on that as they are wrong on so many other things.

But above all, Hollywood is the land of the super hero or heroine. From Superman to Wonder Woman to James Bond to Jason Bourne. Hollywood is ground zero for those that fear nothing and fight valiantly for good around the world.

OK, maybe there is one person in the world that strikes fear into the heart of these intrepid movie making throngs. A short, fat, North Korean, crazy person with no style sense and a bad haircut named Kim Il Un. The mighty Kim snuck up behind one of the gods of Hollywood when no one was looking and stole this gods secrets. This less than mighty god is named Sony. Now, Sony thought he was a great god. A ruler of the universe. But when you steal a Hollywood god's secrets, you steal that god's power.

You see, the denizens of Hollywood, like the old God Janus, have two faces. And each of those two faces have the ability to talk out of both sides of their mouths. So as even the casual observer can see, they have the ability to give four different opinions on any given subject. This is a power they wish to keep secret from the slathering hordes that are called fans. These fans are the ones that feed money and adulation into their innocuous efforts keeping these gods alive.

But the great and wonderful Kim, having been sorely disrespected by Sony's minions, stole Sony's secrets and exposed them. This took away Sony's power. So while the once great god Sony and his illusionary super heroes quivered in a corner, the powerful Kim said, "show that movie of disrespect and I will do you great harm. 

This was too much for Sony to bear. At great loss to his finances and reputation, Sony cancelled the movie, gathered up all the copies and hid with them in a closet, shivering in fear, somewhere in the Hollywood hills. It seems that even the powerful super gods in that great cathedral called Homeland Security were not up to the battle with the all powerful Kim. It just seems that our gods and our super heroes are not what they used to be.

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