Friday, December 5, 2014

Results Prove Everything!

I just read where the United States is no longer the worlds leading economic power. Until now, we have held that position since Ulysses Grant was President. You will probably not hear much about this in the media. They tend not to make much of bad news, unless they can blame a conservative.

China now outproduces the United States by $2 Trillion. And most of that is for things that we buy from them. So the combination of ineffective politicians and the lust for cheap goods has peddled American jobs off to areas of the world that have something close to slave labor. Now, that goose has been cooked. It will be damn hard to bring it back to life.

Now bear in mind, they did not have to cook the American goose. It was just easier this way. If our politicians hadn't sold out the country in trade agreements things would be different. Do not misunderstand, I believe in open markets. But the trade agreements in place today have become, they send us goods, we send them money.

Companies moved manufacturing, lock, stock, and barrel, to other countries and were rewarded for doing so. If they had been required to keep American manufacturing in America but expand into other countries they would have found ways to be more efficient and we would still have good American jobs.

I have also just come across a recent survey of the best and worst states in America. At number forty-seven, my state of Rhode Island is right near the bottom. We have the third highest debt per capita, the second highest unemployment rate, high median home values and a declining population. 

All of this in spite of the fact that RI has beautiful beaches, great restaurants, and a fairly temperate climate for the northeast. Easy access to Boston and NYC along with open spaces and good schools in many towns should make RI a go to place. It isn't. There are too few good jobs and unbelievably bad politics have about ruined the state.

The common thing that has caused both of these situations is politics. Self serving politicians, agendized liberals, and an over population of RINOs have created economic havoc. The people are losing. We are losing badly. We have to turn it around soon or it will be completely off the rails. I still believe it can be done. If you don't believe it needs to be done, look at the results of the past. They prove everything.

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