Friday, April 25, 2014

Two Wrongs, No Right

A lot of people, myself included, supported Cliven Bundy as a hero. That was before he opened his mouth. What he said was wrong and coarse. It has caused great emotional distress among those political types that were quick to tie their wagon to his star. Truth be told, those political types wouldn't care two figs if they weren't in the public eye and looking for votes.

It is absolutely wrong but I take it a little more in stride. The man is old. He is closer to my fathers generation than he is to mine. To those of that generation his words would have passed for thoughtful analysis. Back in the day, my generation would have thought it over the top but would have been exposed to a lot worse. In today's politically correct generation, it is a death sentence. Careers have ended for less.

With all of that, he and his supporters stood up to a small army of government agents, who were heavily armed, and appeared ready for battle. A small army that initially lied about their reason for being there. A small army that was there to collect a bill that could have and should have been collected in the courts. A small army that cost more to send than the amount of the bill.

So which side was more wrong? To quote a famous American, "at this time, what does it matter". But for my money, the government was far beyond Mr. Bundy in evil doing. Mr Bundy made a stupid mistake and let his mouth run wild. The government plotted against a citizen and took it a long mile into overkill.

There were reasons for this siege. We do not know what they were. It is obvious that the government wants this land for some other purpose. There have been things bandied about regarding Harry Reid being involved, a possible sale to the Chinese, and a solar farm. But nothing has been proven. You can be sure that there was an ulterior motive.

So Mr. Bundy and his associates stood firm against an illegitimate government action. For that they are heroes. It appears to me that, day by day, the government is treating us more like subjects than citizens. The brakes had to be applied at some point. Recently Michelle was sent packing when she invited herself to give a speech to high school grads. AG Holder was rejected as a speaker to a police group. Maybe the worm is starting to turn. Maybe the pols should start fearing us.

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  1. I actually thought that his points were completely valid and portrayed a great sympathy for the Black experience in modern America. To paraphrase his point was that the modern welfare state has been more destructive to the black family - and especially the black male - than slavery ever was. And barring the occasional sadistic master, who can argue with that?