Wednesday, April 9, 2014

No Jeb, No

I see where Jeb Bush is considering a run for President. It must be tempting to a man who's family is so steeped in politics to get that opportunity. Jeb wants to decide if he can run with joy in his heart and not run a campaign that gets down into the mud.

Having never met him, I like Jeb Bush as a public person. He was a good governor and seems like a good man. But, I am here to say, based on those two statements, Jeb, you would be a terrible candidate. You are in the perfect position to, once again, wrest defeat from the jaws of victory for the Republican party.

If you think that the Democrat candidate will shake your hand and engage you with intelligent debate on subjects that affect the United States at home and abroad, you are terribly mistaken. If you think their supporters will not shred your personal character, and that of those you hold dear,  you are delusional. If you think the phrases, "read my lips, no new taxes" and "Bush lied and Americans died" wont be used to drag the Bush family name down, think again.

Every time a Presidential election gets close the Republican old guard starts to shiver and shake, fearing that if they play real hardball politics they may lose what they have. Their motto is "half a loaf is better than none". So don't push the envelope. Middle of the road. Be gentlemen and walk with your head held high. The theory being, that if you hold your head high, you won't smell what the opposition is throwing on your shoes.

Jeb, you are the latest version of Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. You are the safe, middle of the road gentleman the could get the nomination and lose. Just the fact that you would be the third Bush should give you pause.

The Republicans need a fire breather that is not afraid to battle in the mud and will give as good as they get. War is hell and elections have become war. We need a conservative champion who would rather be carried off of the field of battle on his shield than lose. I do not believe that you are that man.

I have been watching the selection of Presidential candidates for seventy years now. This may be the most important campaign in my lifetime. The country is in serious trouble, both fiscally and socially. We need skills, experience, and strength. We cannot stand much more of an aimless lawless political agenda.

Jeb, find a candidate you like. Hopefully a fire breather. Endorse him. Campaign for him. Raise money for him. But for the good of the country don't run yourself.

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