Wednesday, April 16, 2014

No More Military Action

The governments actions at the Bundy ranch disturb me greatly, as it should any American. The government has taken a position that may or may not be sound. They have won their points in court. But that road has not yet been fully traveled. There are still higher courts that could get involved. With the decisions that have been made in their favor so far, they could get a judgement that would be filed and would have to be satisfied before that property could be sold or passed on through inheritance. 

Both the State of Nevada and the Bundy family have taken the position that the land is still owned by the state. This is understandable. There is much discontent among the citizens living in the area with the constant federal land grab. The random taking of public land by the federal government may not be Constitutional. So there is much room for argument on both sides of this question. It should be resolved in the courts, not at gunpoint.

So, what is the hurry? Why after all these years does that land have to be cleared of cattle now? It, most certainly, has nothing to do with the desert tortoise. Most of all, why has Harry Reid got his knickers in a knot? Previous directors of the Bureau of Land Management were professionals with years of experience. The shiny new director is Neil Kornze. He has been with the BLM for about a year. His qualifications are that he has been a career politician and was a staff member for Harry Reid.

I watched the action on TV, as most Americans did. The BLM sent storm troopers into the situation with, what they thought was, overwhelming numbers and overwhelming weapons. When faced with real Americans expressing their real American rights, as given them in the Constitution, the government backed down.

I believe when someone with the character of Harry Reid announces that "this is not over", it is good to watch ones back and hunker down for trouble. Mr. Reid has power. When someone like him has power, he is not averse to using it. He wants control of this land. And whatever Harry wants, like Lola, Harry gets. 

They have gone after these people with countless troops from their new civilian army. They showed up with automatic weapons, tasers, dogs and SWAT teams and failed. What is next? They own armed and armored troop carriers. Not quite war tanks, but we are getting close. I noticed that the government took some Apache helicopters back from the National Guard last week. Is that part of their plan?  

A note to the administration. What ever the plans are for this land, put them aside. Leave these good people in peace. A lot of people are already unhappy with the excesses of the federal government. Deal with this through the courts. If it takes years, so be it. The hunger for power in Washington and the lack of respect for the American people is ruining this country. End it now. Anyone with a lick of common sense can see that if the government pushes this farther, it will not end well.

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