Friday, April 18, 2014

Death Panels Not Required

Sarah Palin was the first public person to accuse Obamacare of supporting death panels. She was wrong. She did not give the administration enough credit. They are far more devious then we could have ever predicted. Death panels are not required. They have a far more insidious way.

A doctor that I know treats many patients in nursing homes. A large number of them are covered by one insurance company. We will call them Excited Health Care, just to put a name to it. While they kept the patients, the dropped the doctor from their system. So hundreds of people that cannot care for themselves must find new medical care within the system. A system that is dumping doctors by the hundreds. 

One local hospital is also now out of the Excited Healthcare System but their employees are insured by Excited. And to make it even more fun, the hospital's lab takes only Excited Health Care.

Many people suffering from cancer go to regional hospitals that specialize in cancer treatment. Many if not all of these hospitals are being forced out of Obamacare, leaving these people very much in need of their support network, out in the cold.

What appears to be happening, is that the healthy people in their productive years are having fewer problems. The older, less productive, more fragile, are going through the Obamacare wringer. Personally, I was cut off from my cardiologist, then I was cut from my insurance. I was lucky. I found a way to keep my cardiologist and get new insurance. Not everyone is so lucky. People that live in rural areas seem to be hit the hardest.

This was not about improving health care. It has always been about controlling health care. With anything controlled by the government, there are bound to be inequities. The pull, the drag, the power, the money will always get the best. And the hindmost for the rest. So death panels will not be required.

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