Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Cranky Conservative Golden Balls Award

I am awarding the first Cranky Conservative Golden Balls Award to the Bundy family and all of those that stood with them in the face of an over reaching government. They showed courage and perseverance to the face of, what could have been, overwhelming government power. They showed the politicians that the true power in America lies with it's citizens and the power of the politicians is on loan from us.

I have read that someone said that the only reason that this wasn't the worst massacre of American civilians in history was that it is an election year. I cannot prove that this was actually said. If it is true, our elected official had best re-examine their attitude regarding how they govern. It has also been said that government snipers had free citizens in their sights. Again, unproven. ( Since I originally wrote this I have confirmed, not only snipers, but artillery.) If this is so, it is a sad commentary about where the last five years have brought us.

When President Obama was elected, he stated a need for a civilian army as well equipped and as well financed as our regular army. It seems he has made his wish come true. There are more government agencies with people carrying firearms than ever in our history. Bring them together and you have Obama's army. They have military grade troop carriers, fully automatic weapons, and, I believe Apache helicopters. This is wrong, unnecessary, and should be undone.

The situation in Nevada was not about desert tortoises. They have resided there successfully, along with cattle and horses, for over one hundred years. This was about land use, plain and simple. Someone wants that land. ( Again, since I originally wrote this, I have confirmed the involvement of Harry Reid and the intention to sell this land to China.)  That someone has political support. It is unclear at this time who it is that wants the land. Considering that this is in Nevada and considering the background of the head of the Bureau of Land Management, I think we can speculate as to who is supplying the political leverage. (The head of the BLM worked for Harry Reid.)

We are all thankful that this didn't get into a shooting war. We can also thank God and our founders for the Second Amendment. This is a perfect example of why politicians must keep their hands off of the guns of honest Americans. Without their guns, I can almost guarantee that it would have been the people that were rounded up along with the cattle and the people would, today, be living in a FEMA detention center.

So for there courage and will in the face of government power, I award them Golden

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