Thursday, April 24, 2014

Has Anyone Noticed?

Things seem to be getting a little bit crazy in this country. And, Yes, it has been over the last five years. Think back to scandal after scandal. Even a few that have passed under the public's radar.

The ATF allows weapons to go into Mexico and on to the drug cartels. The administration won't do a proper job of protecting our borders. Illegal immigrants commit crimes but are allowed to stay to commit more crimes. The New Black Panthers are given a pass by the justice department for intimidating voters at a polling place. Terrorism in the United States is called anything but terrorism by the administration. The IRS is being used a a weapon against political rivals.

Government agencies that, never in their histories, had armed agents, now have standing armies. The EPA claims control of any land that has water on it or may have water on it at some point. They also actively destroy the coal industry. The BLM sends a small army to collect a bill and kick a rancher off of grazing land. And they initially lie about it claiming they are protecting the desert tortoise. Now they are going back after more land on the Texas Oklahoma border.

Worse yet, heavy handed efforts are being made against the Bill Of Rights. The First and Second Amendments are under intense fire. This has to be more than ineptness and a lust to control. There is huge discontent in the land and we have a President that acts like all is well. While the pot is approaching a boil, he is on cruise control.

The incident in Nevada came too close to a shootout between free citizens and Obama's civilian army to be good. The government, I think, was intentionally provoking.

Over the first four years of his Presidency, Barack Obama created and armed his private army. He put Presidential orders in place allowing him to declare martial law and to take complete control of all aspects of government and commerce in a national emergency. Then they stockpiled the necessary hardware. Semi automatic pistols, fully automatic rifles, billions of rounds of ammunition, and armored troop carriers. Finally they opened FEMA internment camps and stocked them with hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins.

If all of that doesn't scare you, go back and read it again. It appears to me that Obama is a man with a plan to control the country. The question being, can he carry it off, if that is his plan? For a complete take over, he would need the cooperation of the regular military. Military officers are sworn to uphold the Constitution. Would they break that oath for the President?

I would be the first to admit that I may be all wet here. I certainly hope that I am, but all this circumstantial evidence makes me worry. We have already had enough harm done to the country. If we start to reverse things immediately after the next election, it will take a decade or more to repair the damage. That is bad enough. We cannot afford worse.

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