Saturday, April 12, 2014

Brandeis Sharia University

Courage is a commodity that is sadly lacking at Brandeis University. Louis Brandeis, for whom the university is named, was a Harvard educated lawyer. He was a progressive. In Brandeis day, that had a different meaning than it does today. He was a strong believer in personal freedom and the right of free speech. He did pro bono work protecting the rights of average people against the power structure. Ultimately, Woodrow Wilson appointed him to the Supreme Court. He was the first Jewish justice. A man to be honored.

Aayan Hirsi Ali was scheduled to get an honorary doctorate from Brandeis. She is not only an outspoken critic of Islam, she is also a victim of Islam, as so many young women are. As a girl she suffered genital mutilation in the name of Allah. If you do not know what they do to these girls, please look it up. I did. I read it and now wish I hadn't. Water boarding is a walk in the park on a warm summer day in comparison. It is out and out torture. But since, under Islam, a woman is a chattel, no different than a goat or a camel they suffer what no man will ever suffer.

These are things the civilized world needs to hear. Like the beatings that women suffer at the hands of any male family member to discipline them. They do have limits though. If you beat your wife with a stick, it can be no larger in diameter than your thumb. My thumb is a good inch across. How about some of those kindly husbands get beat with a stick that size. Then, of course, there are the honor killings. If your little sister should get raped by a pack of thugs, she has dishonored the family. Not the thugs, her. If there are six of them and she weighs ninety pounds soaking wet, it is her fault. So kill her. Stone her. The family honor must be preserved.

That is the, so called, civilization that Ms. Ali grew up in and she has suffered for it. That is the rule of sharia law. That is how it is done in Muslim countries. This is the law that they wish to spread around the world. This is the law of total intolerance that demands that it be tolerated. This is the sharia that now controls Brandeis University to their shame, for they reneged on their promise to Ms. Ali. They bowed to the screaming mob rather than support truth. 

I suspect, that were Louis Brandeis alive today he would present himself to the directors of that school and demand his name be removed. And who in the civilized world could blame him.

I haven't been posting on Saturday, but this subject is so important I wanted to be as current as possible.

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