Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Man Who Has Never Failed

In previous generations, there has only been one life that was without failure. And even that man felt, at one point, he had been forsaken by his Father. Today we are blessed to have another man that has never failed. Just to be clear, I am talking in the secular sense. There need be no mistake about that.

Others have acted in a manner that severely hampered the intended outcome planned by our non-failing President, Barack Obama. George W. Bush has been his primary nemesis. The wily ex-President laid political and economic traps in such an underhanded and sneaky way that, five years into Mr. Obama's term, there were failures that every Democrat in Washington carefully explained were the result of Bush deviousness. Yes, many of these explanations were convoluted and defied logic. But, that is so often the way of politics.

You know, if Bush hadn't promised Poland and the Czech Republic anti missile systems, Vladimir Putin wouldn't have been upset. Meetings with Obama would have been all smiles and hugs. The Crimea would still be Ukrainian and Finland and the Baltic States would not feel threatened. Bush's fault. 

Then there's this lack of jobs thing. Mr. Obama knows how to grow jobs. Tax, spend, and regulate. All good Keynesian precepts. I doubt that Mr. Obama ever read any Keynes. I expect old "Turbo-tax" Geithner probably explained it to him. But the economy he inherited from Bush was the worst since the great depression. I must admit that I don't remember it that way. But all those Washington Democrats said it was so. Would they lie to the voters? Once again, Bush's fault.

Sometimes it is not George Bush. Sometimes it is those extreme, hard right, war-mongering, zealots in the Tea Party. They hate women, in spite of the fact that half of them are women, They want dirty air and water, are pro-slavery and say vile things. Don't let them fool you. When you see them on TV, they appear to be nice older people. They don't seem to scream epithets. When they assemble, they leave the area clean. They don't riot and throw unspeakable things at the police.  Don't be fooled.  That is all a disguise. I did not realize that, but I heard those good Dems explain it as only they can.  You can never trust those kindly looking old people. You know how grandparents can be.

But finally, Mr. Obama has pushed everything obstructionist out of the way. Including the Constitution. He now has a major league bragging point. Obamacare. There has never been anything like it. OK, so it got off to a rocky start. And it was supposed to cover thirty-five million uninsured. And six million people lost their health plans. And many more lost their doctors and preferred hospitals. And it is more expensive. And the deductibles are higher. And the website still doesn't work. But they got seven million to sign up. Maybe. And George Bush didn't have a thing to do with it.

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