Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Government Of Irrelevancy

I suggested a short time back, that the government could save a lot of money by just sending Congress home, putting the lights out in the Capitol Building, and locking the doors. Maybe they could even rent the space out. Supply some taxpayer relief.

It was my feeling that after Harry Reid started blocking any useful legislation from being legally passed by the constitutionally empowered body and the President announced that he had a phone and a pen and would go around Congress, the Congress had become irrelevant.

The situation has become more extreme. I missed this in my readings of the Constitution, but it seems that the Attorney General has "wide discretionary powers" in enforcing existing law. Who knew? So, over two hundred years of written law mean nothing if Eric Holder disagrees with the need to enforce them. 

Forget the Congress. Forget the Supreme and all lower courts. Forget over two hundred years of great legal minds struggling to get it right. It all comes down to one man with an obvious agenda. One question though, does he also get to ignore the efforts of Barack Obama to ply his will with his trusty pen and telephone. I sill don't understand how the telephone enters into the equation. I'm sure the President, being so smart and all, has that all figured out.

As has often been written, worms tend to turn. Right now the Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Obama, Holder, and Reid, have the power. It bothers them, not at all, to ignore the wishes of Congress, the electorate, and anyone else that disagrees with their ultra-liberal agenda. The other elected officials of the Democrat party, not only support, they encourage this over reaching behavior.

When the Democrats lose power and Republicans act in the same manner, will the Democrats not scream? Will they not curse? Will their subservient minions in the press not pen scathing diatribes? You betcha. 

Once again we see the arrogance of small minded people when they are presented with power. They are no better than the adult version of a schoolyard bully. The worm will turn and some of their activities would appear to be criminal in nature. They may wish to consider the ramifications of that before they dig the hole too much deeper. 


  1. Obama may or may not be an actual tyrant: We'll see if he actually leaves office at the end of 2016 or whether some national "emergency" makes that unfeasible. But he is certainly putting the structures and precedences in place for a true tyranny to just slide in behind the wheel.

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