Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Random Thoughts Thirty - Four

Back when Flight 370 went missing, I, like many others, speculated about where the plane disappeared ended the flight. With all the lies and misleading non-evidence, I think my guess may still have some validity.

I know that President Obama thinks that he has powers beyond mere mortals, but now he wants to regulate cow flatulence. Really? Is he going to appoint a Fart Czar? Will his title be Butt Head? Is this just a lot of hot air? Will all this methane blow up in his face? Oh, the late night comics will have a ball with this.

On the final day of Obamcare registration, the website goes down. Maybe he'll have better luck organizing the cows.

Jeb Bush? Really? Another Bush to run for President? If we have a Bush versus Clinton race, I'm going to find a cave in Nepal, shave my head, and become a hermit monk. I like Jeb. If he had run instead of George it might have gone well. But right or not, that well is poisoned. A Bush run would give the race to Hillary if she ran. That is the last thing this country needs.

In ten minutes the Red Sox open in Baltimore. In nine minutes, I stop typing. I like night games better because I have my blog done by then.

I want to make note of the progress John Kerry is making with the Russians. None. 

I just saw on Facebook that people are saying that the Cold War is on again. I is certainly beginning to feel like it. So the obvious course to the administration is to bring the military to it's knees so the Russians won't have to. Now that's a plan Alinsky would be proud of.

So now we have the two Koreas shooting at each other. We are required by treaty to support South Korea militarily if needed. Putin is looking hungrily at Finland whom we are also treaty sworn to aid through NATO. The same is true of the Baltic States. In my not so humble opinion, we should be putting more into the military not less. Maybe the government should learn the meaning of the phrase "fiduciary responsibility".

Once more Government Motors, commonly known as GM, is in the headlines. Four point eight million recalls in the past month. Mara Barra, CEO is to testify before Congress. Think the politicians will throw her under the bus? I'd bet on it. Boy, what a great job the administration did investing your money in that debacle.

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