Tuesday, August 6, 2013

U.S.A. - R.I.P.

The country that I grew up in is gone. It has met it's demise. The ball was teed up in the last four years of the Bush administration. Then President Obama came into office and slammed it down the fairway for a hole in one. We have lost our Constitutional Republic.

We have no foreign policy. Those that used to be close allies hold us in disdain. We treat them the way a social climber treats old friends that they feel they have outgrown. Snub them long enough and they get the message that they are no longer needed. Then go forth and bow and scrape before old enemies that would kill us to win their thanks and friendship. That certainly doesn't work. They see us as weak in a part of the world that respects only strength. Expediting the overthrow of those leaders that offered our country support, even if that support had a price tag, while climbing in bed with the jihadist, shariah supporting, CAIR, is also a poor strategic move. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin essentially thumbs his nose at our President.

Announcing that you have Al Qaeda on the run. That their leadership is almost non-existent would be all right, if it were only true.  It is not true. A fact that was obvious to anyone who followed the news, even before Benghazi. The administration allowed Al Qaeda to kill four Americans including a sitting Ambassador. Then they tried to cover up the facts with subterfuge and false stories. A ploy that only amplified our inferred weakness in the middle east.

Meanwhile back in the fifty states, we face a litany of scandals. All very serious. And all passed off by the administration, that takes responsibility for nothing, as phony scandals. We have a President that plays golf, vacations, and scoots about the world making speeches "full of sound and fury signifying nothing". He leaves others behind to do the work he was hired for. That way his fingerprints are found on nothing. 

Things are a little different for the average citizen. More than half of the population pay no income tax. Forty-seven percent get food stamps. Forty percent are out of work and middle class income is down about ten percent. Not a cheery life in today's USA

Then we have the ATF and the DOJ smuggling weapons into Mexico that end up killing people on both sides of the border, because someone forgot to track them and get them back. We have the FBI giving a free pass to criminals to commit crimes, as long as they give the FBI information about other criminals. We have the NSA monitoring all telephone and email traffic without a warrant and with no suspicion of a crime, thinking that a wide enough net will catch something. We have the DEA taking information from the NSA to make cases and bring them to trial while lying to defense lawyers and judges about how they got the information. We have the IRS used to harass and punish groups of people that disagree with the administration. We have Obamacare taking over one sixth of the economy and taking control of who will get what medical care.

We have a generation of career politicrats that give only lip service to the Constitution and would eliminate the first, second, and fourth Amendments in a minute. In spite of all this, we are really not ready to bury the body yet. After all, Lazarus was brought back from the dead. With the proper laying on of hands we can get our freedom back. We need statesmen (of both sexes) that love the Constitution and will forgo opportunism. We need the people back in charge that are not in it for personal gain or power. We need leaders that respect us and that will earn our respect. Then the dying body politic will be on the way back to life.  

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