Thursday, August 22, 2013

Some Thanks and Some Thoughts

I wold like to thank my readers. Especially the ones that come back on a regular basis. I less than eighteen months the Cranky Conservative blog has had twenty thousand hits from seventy-nine different countries. In my first month I don't think I got over 150 hits. The work has been worth it. And I'm happy to be back writing for a national venue at "Joe for America"

The incidence of black on white violence is forty times greater than white on black violence but gets very little attention in the press and is never attributed to racism. I have been around too long and seen to many things to believe racism only goes one way. Messrs. Holder and Obama may operate under that belief but they have, what has become, a very transparent agenda.

The dereliction of duty in the press will one day turn around and bite them squarely in the butt. I, for one, will offer no sympathy.

An educated person is more concerned with the abundance that they don't know than the little that they do know.

Al Gore has completely lost it. The temperature has not risen in fifteen years but he still equates those that do not accept global warming with racists, alcoholics, smokers,  supporters of apartheid, and homophobes. Al, as a friend, (I'm really not his friend), put yourself in for treatment. It may not be too late.

Forty ground to air missiles were stolen at the Benghazi massacre. And we are just finding this out now. Transparency receives another fatal blow. 

I hope all you ex-full time employees out there are enjoying your new part time jobs. Hopeless change strikes again.

The economy is not improving despite what the administration claims. We are in a mess.

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