Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Confusion And Disarray

When I was younger, I used to ignore rumors. I felt that they were, at best, unreliable and, at worst, out and out lies. In today's political maelstrom, they are more likely to be someone coming forward to reveal a hidden truth. This "most transparent" administration has many many hidden truths. 

A few of these rumors have involved Benghazi. The latest rumor is that forty ground to air missiles were stolen during the attack. Another rumor is that Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi to meet with a representative of the Turkish government about moving weapons through Turkey into the hands of the Syrian rebels. What was a rumor and is now accepted as fact is that Al Qaeda orchestrated the attack. The final rumor for now is that Valarie Jarrett gave the stand down order.

So, let us assume that those missiles were in United States control. If we were still negotiating with Turkey, the missiles were not in Turkey nor Syria. Therefore there was a good chance that they were in Benghazi. Probably under the care of the CIA. So did Al Qaeda know about those missiles or was the raid a coincidence? My instincts tell me there was a set up. So how did they get the information? Where was it sourced? If the stand down order hadn't been given could those missiles been protected? Who actually gave the order and why? If we could get drones there we could have gotten an AC-130 or F-16s there. Maybe I am adding two and two and getting five, but these are legitimate questions.

Adding to the confusion and disarray is the situation with the IRS. Although they have been caught with their collective hands in the cookie jar, up to the elbow, nothing seems to have changed. No one has been fired. Lois Lerner has been given an extra long paid vacation at taxpayer expense. It has now come out that she was using her personal email to avoid oversight. The IRS is still harassing conservative groups. People at the heart of the scandal have received promotions. Washington business as usual.

A few days ago, Health and Human Services Director, Kathleen Sebelius was kind enough to explain to the unknowing American taxpayer that "It is no longer a debate. In Washington we call Obamacare the law". Well it is nice that that kind lady explained it to us. Now, if she would only explain it to the President and the Congress. It seems that they can exempt themselves and anyone else they wish from this law. If it is actually a law then they are lawbreakers and should be prosecuted. If it is not the law and they are free to go about their business, then they should exempt the rest of us.  

So, it comes down to this. We have a royal presidency. We have a bunch of spineless worms in Congress. We have an administration that is out of control and cares not a whit for the American taxpayer. The rich are getting richer. The politicrats are taking more privilege for themselves. Our healthcare system is getting shredded. The middle class is losing ground, and most of the jobs that are being created are part time. We are definitely in a time of confusion and disarray. 

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