Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Marvelous Magical President

I was thinking about our President earlier. Thinking about Mr. Obama is becoming a habit that I wish I could rid myself of. I was thinking of his presidency. What he has done. What he has said. His personal actions and the juxtaposition of all three elements. I think that I now understand. The President believes in magic. It has to  be.

Starting way back before he was elected When he displayed his self proclaimed magnificence standing in front of those iconic, or were they Ionic, Greek columns and proclaimed that "when he was elected President the oceans would recede". I can think of only one person in history that could make that kind of claim with some hope of accuracy. OK maybe Moses too, after that Red Sea thing. But Obama had to believe in magic to even consider such a thing.

Do you remember the story of the Pied Piper. The Pied Piper was able to lure the rats out of Hamln with the magical quality of his music. Mr. Obama believes that the mere sound of his voice has the same magical quality. He told us that he would  reach out to those that have come to dislike us and show them the kindness in his heart. He could bring us all together. Now that he has worked his magic, those that disliked us hate us. Those that were our friends distrust us. Those that either respected of feared us, now ignore us. The Pied Piper story turned out badly too.

Out President has a lot of ideas. Through his education, training, experience, and vast intellect he knows all of the things that must be done to make America perfect. Now, I always thought that my country is as close to perfect as it is possible for a country to be. But that's just me. Anyway, he knows all these things that should be done. The problem being he hasn't a clue as to how to do them himself. So he staffs his administration with compliant political hacks and tells them what he wants accomplished fully expecting the results he wants. All that his minions accomplish is utter disaster.

Departments that regulate business, have these businesses so over regulated that they can't function. The President selects winners in his"Grow the Green Economy" contest. Our money is passed out by the barrel full to the people with the proper credentials. Proper credentials consist of being an Obama financial supporter. His friends get rich. The companies go bankrupt and the beat goes on. The magic here is that the money disappears.

But Obama's greatest feat of magic is the marvelous illusion of Obamacare. Obama knew what he wanted. His aim was government control of healthcare at any cost. So he told Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi what he expected. So Harry and Nancy, in turn, told their aides what the President expected. So the aides, in their turn, got a whole bunch of lobbyists together and told them of the expectations of their government. And if the healthcare companies that they lobby for wished to thrive under government healthcare, they better make it work.

I refer you back to the results of the Pied Piper story. That also turned out badly. And the Pied Piper was really more magical than our marvelous magical President. 

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