Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hedonism In Our Capitol

What suggested this blog to me was the news that our President was playing cards as the Osama bin Laden raid was going down. I understood that Mr. Obama personally orchestrated and led that raid. He led from the rear of course. Way far in the rear. It seems that Reggie Love, Obama's ex body man, whatever a body man might be, was interviewed and told that he and the President were playing spades, no racism intended, while bin Laden was being taken down. Mr. Love said that Mr. Obama couldn't watch the whole thing. I would think that a man dedicated to ending the power of Al Qaeda couldn't look away from the screen. He looked so intent in his little photo-op. But, I guess, a good game of spades trumps all.

The acme of hedonism is to be given a giant jet plane, equipped with every conceivable luxury, that will take you anyplace in the world. And to have that plane be paid for by the American taxpayer. Then to be able to use this plane to go on the grandest vacations ever. You can not only bring your wife, but your extended family and friends, still on the American taxpayers. When you get to your destination, you never stand in line. You never have to wait for a seat in the best restaurants. Common people are swept from your path by heavily armed folks that do not take no for an answer. Besides that you get to stay in hotels and private homes suitable for royalty.

And when your back in that great mansion that used to be the peoples house, the parties are amazing. Sports celebrities, famous entertainers, great names int the arts and sciences are all invited. The food would be suitable for the greatest gourmets of any age. It is a shame that you can no longer afford to support tours by school children through the peoples house. But, I guess, some things are more important than others.

Lest anyone think that I am just picking on the President, Congress and Department heads do pretty well too. Luxurious offices, chauffeured limos, in house gyms and restaurants are all perks that are widely enjoyed. Fact finding junkets to exotic places are common and always at our expense. Some department heads even spend thousands of dollars for air transportation back and forth daily to work, paid for by us, because they do not want to live in Washington.

The elected people in Washington own the cookie jar. It is a big cookie jar and there are a lot of hands in there. You expect some of that. There is an old saying, "to the victor go the spoils". But lately it is too often unrestrained and beyond good taste. The media is supposed to be the controlling influence that watches over our interests and sounds the alarm if we are being abused. Of late they seem to have abrogated that responsibility. That is why we have hedonism in Washington.

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