Friday, August 9, 2013

Random Thoughts - Twenty-two

I'm trying to understand. For months now the NSA program of monitoring phone calls and emails has been all over the world news. So the communications sophisticated leadership of Al Qaeda just happens to put through a conference call with twenty of their best and brightest. During this conference call they discuss attacks on US embassies throughout the middle east and Africa. So due to this remarkable intelligence coup, we shut down over twenty embassies and haul their staffs out of town. Right! Thank God we have geniuses running our government.

Now the government is going to monitor your neighborhood to make sure it is diverse enough. We went through school busing. Does this mean we are going to have home busing. Am I going to have to go across town every day for racial balance? Thank God we have a post-racial president.

Vladimir Putin sent good wishes to President George Bush after his heart surgery. I think that says something about respect. Our current President might take note.

I heard that Obama has placed Savannah and Jacksonville on the Gulf Coast. You mean that the smartest president ever doesn't know the geography of the United States? Gee, maybe he is not all that smart. Frankly, I have not seen any proof of his media bestowed genius.

How about them Red Sox. Who coulda guessed?

In a speech, Obama stated that black students shouldn't be punished for misbehavior. That seems a strange thing for a post racial president to say. So Whites, Hispanics  and Orientals can be punished but Blacks get a free pass. I do not understand.

I still say that after the 2014 election Barack is going to toss Hillary under the bus. There is no love lost between the Obamas and the Clintons. She was put in a position where she could accomplish nothing as Secretary of State. She spent way to much time in Africa to be an actor on the world stage. I think, the end is near.

Just when you think TV has gone as low as possible, they come up with a new concept that takes the world to a new bottom. MSNBC, the network that allows Al Sharpton his own show, is now giving Alec Baldwin his own show. Are there no adults in charge over there. I do believe that they have a corporate death wish.

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