Monday, August 19, 2013

Chaos, And It Is Not Theory

Five years. Just five short years. I realize that five years ago there were problems. I disagreed with so many things that the government was doing. I also disagreed with some things that they weren't doing. It seems that George Bush forgot what the veto was for. I disagreed with going into Iraq. Chasing bin Laden back and forth between Afghanistan and Pakistan was an exercise in getting young Americans killed and burning up American money. It is not that I disagreed on the desired results. I disagreed on the method.

Now, five years later, we are burning through American wealth like it is poison that we must dispose of. We are doing it in peculiar and untraceable ways. The money goes out with seemingly no restrictions to countries that hate us and businesses that we have never heard of and have no record of success. The businesses disappear along with our cash. The money sent to foreign nations just vanishes. And the American people are the poorer for it.

Meanwhile we have a domestic government that is ridden with scandal. The scandals come one after another in rapid succession and they are automatically declared phony by the President and his spokes-people. These scandals are not phony. They are absolutely real. They are a sign of a sick and malfunctioning administration that has come to think of themselves as the rightful ruling class. Using the IRS and the DOJ to protect the political party in power is beyond wrong and goes right into criminal. The problem being that those in power are the perpetrators. And for some bizarre reason the press that should be all over this just gives them a wink and a nod.

While the mid-east is on fire, Russia and China are eating our lunch. We have no foreign policy beyond an apology and a bow. We show no resolve. We are now the weakest kid at the lunch table. We have few friends that will go to bat for us anymore because we have shown no respect to them. We embrace those that hate us hoping that will make them love us. It does not. They take our overtures as weakness. For that is what it is. 

We are creating few good jobs anymore. Three quarters of the jobs being produced today are part time. Less than thirty hours a week. Salaries are dropping for the middle class. Companies are not expanding. Quantitative easing is buoying up the stock market. That must end soon or the dollar will be worth nothing. When it does end it will bring bad times. The jobs market will sink even lower. I don't want to be a pessimist but I have to call it the way I see it.

So the government is expanding. The private sector is shrinking. Governmental ineptness is making matters worse. That same inept government is taking control of health care through select health insurers and using the scandal plagued IRS to administer it. They are fumbling so badly on start up that they may decide to take over completely and make it a one payer system possibly by absorbing these health insurers right into the government. There are other things that I could mention that scare me. Like their domestic army. But I think you see why I think it is real chaos and not just a theory.


  1. Uh, bush like Reagan before him KNEW what the veto was was for democrat POTII like Clintone to and usurper MaObaMAO to use...

  2. BTW, you don't sound cranky to me but downright cheerful...change your name to the overoptimistic, cheerful "conservative"