Thursday, August 1, 2013

Obama's Legacy Opportunity

Barack Obama is concerned about his legacy. He should be. His policies have been harmful to this country almost to the point of being anti-American. He has an agenda but he has no sense of purpose.  No true vision. Worst of all his agenda is steeped in the liberal-socialist cant of his college days.

His basic narcissism always leads him to the conclusion that he is the smartest person in the room therefore needs no advice. He just requires strict obedience. Because of this mindset he believes that those who disagree with him are mortal enemies to be destroyed. Negotiations are impossible with a person of this mindset. Negotiations come down to "do my bidding or I will do it without you".

Yesterday I posted a blog about Saul of Tarsus. He was also an educated, stubborn, self-absorbed man. But on the road to Damascus he had an epiphany and realized the error of his ways. Now is the defining moment when Barack Obama could have his epiphany and put our country back on positive course. Now, or it will be too late. For both him and the country. 

The over-riding need in the world today is energy. This is true for every country, large and small. We have turned over control of our energy future to those that don't like us very much. We have an opportunity to take our future back and regain control of our country.

We are sitting on an ocean of energy with a tower of supportive technology. The only thing that is holding us back is the liberal dedication to the green establishment that would bankrupt our country so that we can live out our poverty in a park like environment. Like so many of these dedicated groups they do not understand, and have no tolerance for, moderation.

Build the XL Pipeline. It is a safer way to move oil than Mr. Buffet's trains. With horizontal drilling techniques we can reach pockets of oil leaving a smaller footprint on the landscape along with higher production. Natural gas burns clean and is a natural for over the road power sources. These along with the new compact nuclear power plant designs and experimental power sources that will probably be along in the next three to five decades, our country has an energy future.

If the government stopped obstructing energy development and embraced intelligent energy development we could have more manufacturing and more jobs. We could be energy independent.  The politicians need to realize that this would bring far more of their beloved money into the treasury for them to spend. Even to the point where they could actually fund Obamacare without damaging the healthcare delivery system and it will save people money at the same time, as the politicians promised.

We can no longer afford energy obstructionism. Mr. Obama, that is your legacy opportunity. 

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