Monday, August 26, 2013

Hillary's Presidential Qualifications

 I will make it easy for you. She has none. Now that was pretty simple. But we might want to examine the details that support such a sweeping statement.
angry hillary
First of all, she is a lawyer. For my money, that ends her eligibility right there. While lawyering for  the Rose Law firm, she was involved in the famous Whitewater scandal and testified before a federal grand jury.  As I remember, most of what she testified to was a bad memory. She claimed to do minimal work on Whitewater. But her billing records, somehow, disappeared.  They, miraculously, reappeared on a table in the White House a few years later after she became "first lady".

So, in the White House as she was singing repeated choruses of  "Stand By Your Man" she and a few close friends redesigned the whole healthcare system for the country. (That has a strange echo. Liberals and healthcare. Scary.) It didn't take long to see that the public hated it and it was shuffled off to the Presidential incinerator. Her effort was a huge failure and waste of resources. I suppose, though,  it kept her busy as husband Bill was sorting through the various interns and camp followers. 

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