Monday, August 12, 2013

The Arrogance of Washington

Although I understand our first President had his moments, it is not him that I refer to. I am referring to the politicrats and those subservient to them that go to Washington D.C., supposedly, to preserve the Union, protect the Constitution, and do our nations business. You may not be familiar with the word, politicrat. It is a word I coined to cover all of those elected officials that go to Washington to expand their personal power and net worth. Political party is irrelevant. They seem to be like the non-migratory geese around my area. Their population keeps growing and you can't get rid of them.

There are sign that will tell you if someone is a politicrat. If they refer to the scandals surrounding the administration as phony or just pretend they don't exist and say nothing, that is a politicrat. If they are forcing Obamacare down your throat while cutting special deals for themselves, politicrat. If they tell you the economy is recovering and point to the stock market, politicrat. If they brag about creating new jobs and don't tell you that two thirds of them are part time, politicrat. I think you get the idea.

Now most people out in fly-over country realize that the only thing you can't get if you work for the government is fired. So those that we employ to do our day to day work adopt the attitude that they see in our elected officials. They become arrogant. Listen to the answers Congress got from salaried people that work for us,when questioned at congressional hearings. "I stand on my fifth amendment rights not to incriminate myself." When IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman was asked why he visited the White House one hundred and fifty-seven times, he answered, with a smirk, that he might have been there for the Easter egg hunt. Cindy Thomas, the IRS employee in charge of tax exempt groups, where this all started,  just received a promotion. The epitome of arrogance to me was when Hillary Clinton was questioned about Benghazi she shouted "What difference does it make now?".

Then there is everybody's nasty old uncle, Harry Reid. He stood proud in front of his maker and a microphone declaring each and every Republican a racist. Not only that, he stated that Republicans didn't want anyone to have health care. Really? Every Republican? Now that is arrogant. For the record, I used to be a Republican. I am an independent. 

OK. I cannot write a blog without bringing our President into it. I don't plan it that way but there is just so much there. Almost five years into his presidency and he has yet to take responsibility for anything. Credit yes. You would think that he strapped on his cowboy pistol and went out and did Osama ben Laden all by his lonesome and as a result, destroyed Al Qaeda. We all know neither is true, but by his own admission, he also does not wash dishes in the White House. Also, while we can no longer afford White House tours for school children, it seems we can still afford to fly Air Force One back and forth across the country for campaign speeches, take hugely expensive vacations, and even air lift the first dog to the Vineyard. I will bet we all knew that. But that is the arrogance of Washington.

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