Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Random Thoughts Twenty-Three

I have not been submitting any articles to national websites for a few months now. "Joe the Plumber" called and asked if I would write for his website, "Joe For America". I agreed and can be found there on a weekly basis. Here is the link http://joeforamerica.com/

My first article for "Joe" is about the UN arms treaty that President Obama seems ready to sign. The treaty is bad and free Americans should never subject themselves to UN rule in any way.

Eventually, I will try to link my "Joe" articles with my blog. For now I am taking small steps so I can learn their format. Their whole software setup is new to me.

So, back to business as usual. Republicans of America rise up and be heard now or you will never be heard from again. Boehner, McConnell, and McCain can no longer lead your party. They have lost the fire in their bellies and are to quick to go along to get along. Republicans must show new ideas and the pride to go into the hard sell. Republicans must stop talking in whispers lest they offend a Democrat. To put it bluntly, grow a pair!

Have you heard about Ms. Sebelius Obamacare navigators. They are planning to hire a bunch of people off the street. There will be no background checks. They will not even be fingerprinted. They will be given twenty hours of training. (There are lawyers that have studied Obamacare for twenty months and still don't understand it.) Then Health and Human Services will give the complete access to all of your personal data including your tax returns. Cool,huh? The geniuses of this administration strike again.

Obama is back from his vacation. Of course he is just overnighting in DC. Then he is off again across the country to give two speeches on the cost of education. Not two different speeches. The same speech, twice. Mr. President, can't they bring a TV camera into the oval office? Maybe in this time of need you could stop burning up our money like it comes from old Monopoly games. I know you like to stand in front of adoring crowds, but enough. The mid-east is on fire and we need jobs. Just in case nobody told you.

I understand that the President is asking the Supreme Court for warrentless cell phone searches. Have you not learned, Mr. President, that we have a Forth Amendment that disallows things like that and we do not want you to continue going around the Constitution? I thought that you had studied the Constitution. Or were your studies limited to how to get around that grand document? Stop, sir. We demand it.

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