Friday, July 5, 2013

Two Brief Points

Egypt is in for a long hard slog, but what the military did was needed to prevent the destruction of a great ancient country which is also a historical artifact beyond price. It will also prevent the wholesale slaughter of Coptic Christians and other non-Muslim minorities. I have heard this action casually called a military coup. It was not. It was a coup d'etat (literally, change of state) performed by the military.

The military is the only group in Egypt with the power, organization, and honor to do this successfully. They immediately installed a civilian government to transition back to the freedom that was taken away when the Morsi government wrote the new constitution.

Unfortunately our own government seems to be joined at the hip with the Muslim Brotherhood. This is bad politics and bad foreign policy. Appeasement never works. Now, more that ever, Egypt needs the prayers, support, and the watchfulness of the rest of the world.

Big Brother is bad enough. Now it seems that we have Big Brother and Big Sister double teaming us. First there is big brothers projects. He has the Post Office Department keeping a record of all first class mail. They are photographing both the mail to address and the return address. He has the NSA recording for posterity all telephone calls and emails. They also have immediate intercept capability on both. He has the IRS, the most feared organization in government, investigating and intimidating any person or group that disagrees with him. He has no opposition, just enemies. Finally, he has the FBI delving into reporter's protected business even to the point of threatening indictment. He also prevents the FBI from investigating anything that could cause him embarrassment.

Then there is Big Sister. Big Sister is building a domestic civilian army. There are hundreds of thousands of people employed by Homeland Security many of whom are trained and authorized to carry a firearm. As part of the program DHS is in the process of building a federal police force. They have ordered millions of dollars worth of new police like uniforms for TSA. They have purchased billions of rounds of hollow point ammo. They have ordered thousands of fully automatic assault rifles. They have purchased 2,500 armored personnel carriers. Now, to put the cherry on the sundae, Big Sister has apparently reached an agreement with a branch of the Russian military called EMERCOM to bring 15,000 trained Russian troops into the United States to assist her personal army under emergency conditions. Russian troops on American soil. That is insane.  And who decides what constitutes an emergency of that nature?

If these things don't get the hairs on the back of your neck tingling you are either very brave or very numb.

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