Monday, July 8, 2013

May The Cloud Be With You

The latest greatest thing in the computer world, seems to be, the"Cloud". A, fix everything on your computer, program advertises on TV that it works in the "Cloud". I'm thinking about buying a Google Chrome to back up my desktop computer. It is getting a little long in the tooth, so to speak. I find that the Chrome saves to the "Cloud". OK, no hard drive to crash. Sounds good. The best part is that I am isolated from the technicalities. This "Cloud" works automatically somehow. Well, I am sure it is not automatic. There are people out there someplace making it work. I know not who. I know not where. But they will be my new best friends because they protect me from the toil and tribulation of  daily routine file maintenance. No more de-frag. My life has just improved.

Computers are not the only thing that operates in the cloud. Different cloud, same principle. We have a President that works in that cloud. It suits him well. There are people in the West Wing that examine every bit of data that others would input to our cloudy President. They filter out the irrelevant and the annoying. Incoming data is homogenized to a soothing ego boosting pap. One does not want to overly trouble what has been purported to be the greatest mind in this or any other century.

Operating in the cloud allows him to stay above the fray. Responsibility never reaches this high in the sky where clouds reside. Results of policy are softened and fed in bite sized pre-masticated chunks. Blame is to be taken by those of the more common masses. Trips under the bus are frequent and painful. But under our benevolent leader, seldom terminal. People are moved around, job titles shifted, new ever subservient tools are moved into critical positions with small qualification or experience, and life goes on. Very seldom is a paycheck missed even if the "guilty" party stays home for an extended period.

The biggest advantage for the President that operates in this cloud is that he has risen to a level where he is alone with his contemplations.  For example "leading from behind" is at least equal and possibly better than leading the charge just saying "follow me boys". Not everyone may see it that way, but I am sure the President has just set new standards for the world. Certainly most Americans are unhappy that the President is so close to the Muslim Brotherhood. I know that I am. But as he is in the cloud, the opinions of others do not matter. In his highly evolved intellect it makes perfect sense that the rest of us more common folk are unable to grasp.

The one negative that should be mentioned, is that when the President has his head in the cloud, he does not have his feet solidly on the ground. Our problems today are the real, basic problems of no jobs and a poor economy. After Friday's economic figures came out the Presidents people once again tried to put lipstick on the pig and blame a President that has been gone from office for almost five years. All of them really need to get their feet on the ground. But, hey, may the cloud be with them.

I am happy to say that the first family was able to take a long weekend at Camp David to recover from their African vacation and in preparation for their summer trip to Martha's Vineyard. God bless the USA!!!

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